Daniel N. Rolph, PhD, is a popular lecturer, author, and historian who resides in Philadelphia, PA.  His research spans from every age of civilization to present, and there is literally no limit to his interests.

Dr. Rolph is an Historian for The Historical Society of Pennsylvania and is also a Senior Lecturer in History at Montgomery County Community College.   He also served as Assistant Professor in the Department of Liberal Arts & Applied Sciences at the former Hahnemann University (also Allegheny University) for thirteen years and he lectured for eight years at Gwynedd Mercy College.

He has published articles, books, maintains a current blog, and is a frequent guest on radio and TV. His successful book, My Brother’s Keeper: Union and Confederate Soldiers’ Acts of Mercy During the Civil War, is a moving collection of first-hand accounts of charitable deeds between soldiers and civilians across enemy lines.  From appearances on C-Span’s Book TV to book signings at battle sites, he continues to attract an audience for this unexplored Civil War genre.

His PhD in Folklore and Folklife was received at the University of Pennsylvania.  He hails from Maysville, Kentucky.

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  1. I was happy to find your book ; “My Brother’s Keeper”. For some time, I have searched for soe documentation for the actions of LT Graves after the battle of Glasgow, MO, which you describe beginning on page 102.

    Your wonderful description of this example of military honor and courage has given me the documentation needed when I tell this story. I am a resident off Glasgow and live less than two blocks from the site of COL Harding’s surrender.

    Is it possible that you have any more information on the events of the Glasgow battle or any photocopies of the newer clippings that tell the story of LT Graves?

    Thanks very much for your wonderful book.

    J. Y.

  2. I just love the book on the to shoot,burn,and hang… my grandma was a rolph before she married my grandpa,Oliver Bryan Thurman, and i really enjoyed reading all the history on them. I am just starting my genealogy records and this will really help me. This is really exciting , who knew it would be so much fun..Thank You so much….

  3. Hi, I took your American history class in 1999 while pursuing my BSN. To this day, that class was my all time favorite, I have always loved history, but your class was interesting and you taught us things that I have never seen in a history text book. I still have my notebook filled with interesting and little known facts which I refer to often. My daughter, whom I was pregnant with while taking your class, is now in high school and she is learning about the slave trade. I showed her my notes and we talked about some of the things, I told her she will probably never learn about, including Finda Lawrence. I was wondering if you could tell me where I could find more information about her. Thank you.

  4. I am reaching out with an inquiry about your time and services as a speak for a church senior group. Look forward to hearing from you!

    1. Don, he’s just trying to get you off topic. He’s changing the subject. Sadly, he’s hurling headlong into troll status. He isn’t talking about the post, and he do&17e#82sn;t want you doing it either.

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