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  1. Dr. Rolph,

    I would like you to interview you for a book that I’m writing on
    trust. I’ve read your book, My Brother’s Keeper, and found it

    Would you have time to talk this week or next?

    As for my book, it will look at why trust is so low and what it means
    for us as individuals–and society. In short, a close look at an idea
    that seems to be all over the news but no one really knows what it
    means or what to do about it.

    As for me, I’m a best-selling author, who has written for the New York
    Times and the Washington Post, among others. You can learn more about
    me on my website: http://www.ulrichboser.com

    Thanks for your time.



  2. I am interested in Dr. Rolph for our patriotic service, Sunday, July 7, 2013, at 10AM in Spring City, PA 19475. (approx. 250-300 people in attendance)

    Please call or email required fees or honorarium ASAP if interested in this event.

    Thank you

  3. If possible, please provide me information on the 118th Civil War regiment from Philadelphia regarding a reported after action Antietam confederate win at Shepherdstown, WV. This is being elevated from a after action skirmish to a major confederate win by Antietam NPS, that is set to establish boundaries for Shepherdstown Battlefield in WV on Sept 14. Some residents feel this is a grandiose position and fear it may change the history of Antietam. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  4. I would appreciate it if you would contact me, at your convenience. I am trying to locate the exact location of Rolph Hollow in Kentucky. I visited there many years ago, as a child, but do not know the names of the current roads that would lead to the location. I understand there was a cemetery on the property. I am the youngest daughter and last living child of Elias Nephi (Lee) Rolph and Lola C. (Snapp) Rolph. You and I have communicated previously and I always appreciate your thorough and enlightening replies. (Alvin Menifee Rolph was my grandfather, whom I never met)
    Respectfully yours

  5. Dear Sir; read your very interesting article on the Cavada brothers and had a question for you that you might be able to easily answer. In the Cavada diary is there a reference to the moon being out (and shining) at about the time that George Meade arrived at the Leister house at Gettysburg, night of July 1-2? The Donaldson diary claims that it was a clear night as the Fifth Corps marched from Hanover. Some contemporary accounts suggest it was either cloudy or misty – naturally it could have been different at different times. I’ve confirmed through an astronomer friend that the moon was full and rose a little after 8 pm. Thank you for any light (moonlight) you can cast on this for me. It’s relevant to a book I’m doing, titled “Gettysburg Connections” which applies other academic disciplines (philosophy, sociology, etc.) to some of the lingering controversies of the battle, while connecting the reader more rigorously to the event itself. My website shows other work I have done. I’ll be pleased to reference you. Sincerely, Brad Graham

  6. Hello,

    I live in France and I discovered this beautiful pas seal that seems, unusual.

    I have done much research on it but I have found no such medal or paper hit the seal. It does not seem to be the one used in 1790.
    I did it appraised by a professional numismatist, it tells me that this seal is authentic

    Can you tell me your email address so I can send you the scanners?

    Diameter : 48 mm (1.89 inch.)
    Wheight : 103 grams

    Thank you very much.

    Best regards from France

  7. Daniel,
    Haven’t heard from you in long time…after a period of “non-work” on our shared Seaman history, am back at it. Just discovered your father’s obituary..sorry to read about that. In it you are named “David Nelson Rolph” and assuming you wrote/had input for that article, you would definitely know your given name. But that leaves me confused about how to enter your name in my database.

    Looks as though you are a very busy man so won’t bother you with any further items I’ve found/still looking for until/unless you are inclined to answer when it is convenient to do so.

    Thanks so much…please note, my email has changed since last we “spoke”.

  8. Hi,

    I hope that I have found the person I am looking for and if so, I hope you see this message! I recently found your name associated with an article regarding the Union soldier who took Augustus Vandiver’s watch and later returned it. He was my great, great, great grandfather and the watch is still in the family. I grew up hearing tidbits about the man and the story but have always wondered details, etc. I’d love you to contact me if you ever found any more information on this!

    Thank you very much!

  9. Hi Dan,

    I just listened to your interview with Ray Peterson re: his travels in Tibet back in the 1930’s. Sadly, it cuts off abruptly. I was wondering if you might still have the full audio recording? Or any additional information from your time with Ruth & Ray. It’s for Dan, son of Ruth Marie,and grandson of Ray.

    Looking forward to receiving your reply.

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