8 thoughts on “Cannonballs and a Skeleton Interview

  1. What a lovely tray. I have 3 wooden trays that need to be painted so maybe I’ll do some decoupage on them too. I love the simplicity that you created with the punched out paper on white. Very elegant to.hhougs*Sop*ie

  2. Yay! I agree with a lot of what you say. I think the thing about the Korean training system is that it is so apparent; they are up front with it. Motown did the same thing, Disney does the same thing, so it’s not new, but the Korean system is less shy about sharing? Yeah, judging cultures by just one element of culture is cray!Boyfriend should have their own makeover show, where they show up and offer fashion advice.

  3. That is cute!! I haven't had a chance to make it to our thrift stores here yet- but it is on my calendar for this weekend. I have some beyond ugly pillows that need to be recovered and I am going to try making a sweater cover, we'll see how it goes

  4. when i’m driving somewhere, and i find myself about a third of the way i percieve myself to be fairly early on in the trip and may partake in a soothing frijj chocolate milkshake… so carling shoes is funny early enough on for me to consider it wholly amusing and not partlially ticklesome…

  5. I worked on well fracturing techniques in the early eighties. We used multiple shaped charges to perforate the well casing and pressurized the cracking fluid into the earth adjacent using a gas generator to provide simultaneous and near intantaneous fracturing. The project was scrapped when oil prices fell below prices that would support the technique.

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